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The intention of the women gathering is to add success and nourishment through new ideas and insights for our accomplishments.

To dare to dream, to plan, to do, and celebrate.

In the gatherings, we look especially into the aspects of your inner potentials realization and materializing it in a profitable most suitable way according to your characteristics.

If you have a longing, a dream, something that waits to be done and you are needing a supporting sangha of wise women to support you, nourish you, inspire you to stand on your back then this women gathering is for you.

We all have a dream that awaits us to take it and make it come true.

This is your invitation!

The methods.

Terje has a ten year experienced psychological lifestyle counseling background and a recently published book on how to bring about the change “Restart”.

Terje as a businesswoman found very helpful for likeminded women to gather and share insights, knowledge, and support. Not only She saw at as a women's circle get together but brought into it a structured way which is called a supervision. A method that is seldom used in corporations and in boards to get the best possible outcome and to do list for specific self-development or business problem at hand. What steps to take next, how to do it, who should be doing it etc.

Being a woman in nowadays women used to have red tents where they gathered during the monthly period for some wise women wisdom and white magic.

Modern woman self-realization sangha is an updated practical version of the sisterhood to gather and take action! To be successful, fulfilled and supported.

The gatherings are taking place once a month.

Every time you will be given a structured assignment to improve in your goal.