In times of turmoil, anxiety, and confusion we need to practice certain measures. 
Here was my insight that needed to be shared. These tips are my favorite and must-haves to raise the vibration of the personal and collective. Hope you find it useful:) Love and light!

1. Learn to relax and slow down. I know its hard in busy and action demanding times to slow down and relax. I would become very agitated if someone would come to me in my busiest and toughest times with a message to slow down. But all I'm saying that there needs to be a time to fully unload, unload everything that you are, that you need to be that you need to do. Stop to do and start to be. Take the time to sit or lie down tap in what's really there for you, tap into your breath, with every exhale relaxing the shoulders, the neck muscles the jaws and letting go with the help of the breath every tension that there is. Until there's only you witnessing the breath and space around and inside.
In relaxation, you'll find clarity in clarity solutions will appear.
Find ways that relax you and are good for your body.
2. Learn to master your attention. Your attention has the power to add life to forms where it's resting. I know its tough and there's chaos. But your negative thought or emotion that you develop in your mind isn't going to help on the contrary. As a matter of fact the negative thought or emotion alone can create the worst scenario.
So think of it as you are the creator of your circumstance and thoughts and emotions are your tools in creating the life that you want.
If you feel bad or sad or worried turn the tables around in your negative creation and start asking yourself, What is the absolute best that could happen in this situation. What could that look like? What if everything becomes good, what would that look like! What would I feel then… What great thing could come of it?
3. Get to know your inner saboteurs. You already know how you've had plans to do something great for yourself for others. Some activity that is good for you. But suddenly find yourself in a contrary circumstance. Somehow something happens and all is back in the old ways. That is your unconscious preprogrammed ways that are running strong. For example, I had a bad habit of wasting my time with old friends chatting for hours with them about all the rubbish. Mostly negative childish things, talking behind, belittling everyone else, sharing our fears and doubts. Now you might think that its good to share how you are feeling and having someone to support and turn to in times of crisis. Yes, it might be true. But when you share your negative thought or feeling then you are actually adding fuel to it. You are making it an even bigger reality. Remember the law of manifesting, that I mentioned: The energy goes where the attention rests. Whenever you talk of some circumstance that you don't like in your reality your adding fuel to it as an unconscious wish for this situation to continue as it is.
What if you are a aware of this law now, how can you change your interactions with others. What would you like to see manifesting? You create your circumstance by your thoughts and emotions that you think and share with others. Create consciously in overall and especially in times of densities.
4. Tune in. It's the time to get in tune with the ultimate truth. The truth is the knowing that we are safe, we are loved, we are bliss, we are the knowledge and that each one of us is the creators of our micro and the macro universe. 
5. Become a creator-get creative. Troubled times are the greatest teachers for all of us. We can ask ourselves what can I do that I haven't done or tried before. How can I approach, heal, change the situation? When the world is extreme there's always something new being born a new way of being a new way of doing, a new way of thinking. Look into your life how can you do things differently. Surprise yourself!
6. Believe, pray and let go. Let go and let God. Ask for guidance, clues, solutions. Believe and receive. Believe in cosmic intelligence and order. Ask help and guidance from cosmic forces and celestial beings. Ask and You shall receive.
7. Do nothing. Sometimes doing nothing is doing everything. Learn the art of doing nothing yet doing everything.
8. Make a simple joy of being your priority. Turning your awareness to simple pleasures and beauty of being lets you become relaxed so that you can rest  in the lap of your true being -from that new insights, ideas, actions plans can emerge.
9. Thank everyone and everything that you have, that you had, that you don't have.
10. Get spiritual. Send love, solutions, healing to everyone in need. Get specific. I do the meditation and send my prayers, I name people, countries, illnesses, abundance. I name everyone and everything that needs love, light, and healing. I fill my heart with universal love and light and become a vessel of the universal healer that is the ultimate creator of this cosmic experience and we as parts of it.
You can do that do. By this action you become filled with the all pervading grace consciousness while emanating this energy to others there will be no others, but all becomes you. Grace, bliss filled with light , healing and love.