We've all had struggles at any point of our lives where we just need someone objective and nurturing who knows and understands what were going through. Not only that but to provide the professional feedback and techniques to conquer the life challenging moments in life in and extend for you to really prosper and carry on from an elevated level of you.
Do you ever feel lonely, in a constant feeling of dissatisfaction although you have everything you possibly need? Have you encountered of a setback which you haven't gotten over somehow. Failing to start a new, move forward, feeling the anxiety and fear, although putting up a brave face every day. It's all us. And these are the subjects that I've been through, worked through and come to a liberation and freedom point with beneficial techniques learned from my life and yogic experience to be passed forward!

In my practices and a history of being a motivational speaker on conscious living. Having done the detox retreats, yoga retreats, yoga coaching and therapies I encountered different people needing help and guidance from different topics in their life. 

So I decided to form a holy triangle therapy consisting of every person main three aspects of existence. Mind, body, and spirit.
They are all intertwined and my approach to a person is really derived from a knowledge of the yogis and the Siddhas the enlightened ones who really knew what the human was about and knew the techniques how to remove modern times human problems, confusion and suffering.

In my therapy you get:
self-management techniques
clairvoyance to the matter at hand
techniques how to bring about the change

Through the 15 years of experience as a psychotherapist, yoga teacher, and counselor, I apply the techniques of western psychotherapy, journey therapy, ancient yogic knowledge of self -discovery, Babaji Kriya Yoga and the five body system. 

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Available online coaching.

Recommended sessions min 5 times for ultimate benefit.